285 Song of Loving God Without Regrets

Verse 1

The road to the kingdom

has many ups and downs.

I hover between life and death,

amid torture and tears.

Without God’s protection,

who could make it to today?

He planned our birth in the last days;

we’re fortunate to follow Christ.

God humbled Himself to be man,

suffering great shame.

How am I human if I don’t love God?

I shall love God forever without regrets.

Verse 2

No matter the trials,

God’s words show the way.

My heart cries in frustration,

but I know God’s lovable.

However great my suffering

and deep my refinement,

I have no regrets and no complaints.

God’s love for man is boundless,

His truth becomes our life.

His word is precious, His disposition lovely.

I shall love God forever without regrets.

Bridge 1

As I love God, I won’t regret

following and testifying.

Though I’m weak and negative,

in tears I still love God.

I suffer and give my love to Him,

never to cause Him grief.

Being tempered in trials

is like gold being tried by fire.

My heart’s tempered like gold;

how could I not give Him my heart?

Though the road to heaven is hard

and there will be many tears,

I shall love God forever without regrets.

Verse 3

In God’s judgment and chastisement,

my heart is conquered.

Though judged and refined,

I have gained life.

God gives us so much truth;

I have known Christ is the truth,

I’m resolved to follow God to the end.

God suffers pain for man,

I’ll spend a lifetime repaying Him.

I’ll give my all to love God

and give my life to follow Him.

I shall love God forever without regrets.

Verse 4

If I’m honest and seek to love God,

I can be compatible with Him.

By loving and revering Him,

I’ll surely earn His praise.

By practicing the truth of His words,

God will guide and bless me.

Through tribulations and refinement,

my corruption is being cleansed.

I’ll love God without rewards,

set my heart to please Him.

If I know God, gain truth and life,

my life won’t be in vain.

I shall love God forever without regrets.

Bridge 2

Through God’s work I know His deeds.

My heart has such enjoyment.

I’ve seen Him in the last days

and will serve Him all my life.

All I ask is to love God;

if I know Him, I can die.

I’m willing to suffer rejection to win His praise.

Loving God and bearing testimony

to Him is truly glorious.

I shall love God forever without regrets.

I shall love God forever without regrets.

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