284 Advancing Along the Path of Loving God

1 Not concerned about how arduous the path of faith might be, my only mission is to carry out God’s will; much less do I care whether I receive blessings or suffer misfortune in the future. Now that I am resolved to love God, I will be faithful to the end. No matter what dangers or hardships lurk behind me, and no matter how I will end up, in order to welcome God’s day of glory, I follow closely His footsteps, striving ever onward.

2 I see how worried God is. How should I fulfill my duty that I may share His burden? The path of spreading the kingdom gospel is long and arduous. Choosing to love God means we should take up His commissions; only doing our duty well is to have genuine love for Him. I have resolved to pursue the truth to bring God comfort. God has granted me life; it’s only right and natural that I should be utterly loyal. I should repay His love by loving Him in earnest. Hardships and trials show whether people truly love God. Those who understand the truth should fight to bear testimony to Him. However great the hardships and trials, we should still stand witness. Whether we live or die, we live this life for God.

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