283 I Can Finally Love God

1 Your love is sincere and pure, You have a kind and honest heart, and You became flesh to save mankind. I see that Your humility and hiddenness are so lovable; I perceive how immeasurable You are. I follow You closely, trembling in fear; Your words bring me comfort. You stand with me through hardships, and I am cleansed and saved by Your words of judgment. I am finally able to love You; day and night I am with You, and I now understand Your will. Seeing more and more of how lovable You are, I have come to know You, Almighty God. You are with me, and I have gained so much; I am often pleasantly surprised. You have granted me all Your love; having time with You is so precious.

2 Your love has awakened and inspired me; I wish to love You and be loyal to You. You have used Your words to judge and purify me, saving me from Satan’s influence. I have enjoyed so much of Your love; I have understood the truth, loving and revering You from the bottom of my heart. Pain and refinement bring me closer to You, and I pledge my life to bear beautiful testimony to glorify You. I have followed You to this day, gaining the truth and the life, and the road grows ever brighter. Seeing Your righteous and holy disposition, I have come to know You, Almighty God. It is by Your grace that I am now purified and saved; I don’t know how to thank You. Putting Your words into practice, I now live in the light, and should strive even harder in my pursuit to love You.

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