539 Dedicate Your Heart to Carrying Out God’s Will

1 I want to remind you that you cannot be even a little vague on My word and any carelessness is unacceptable. You must heed and obey it and go about things in accordance with My intentions. You must always be alert and never have a disposition that is arrogant and self-righteous, and you must always rely on Me to cast away the natural old disposition that dwells within you. You should always be able to maintain the normal condition before Me, and have a stable disposition. Your thinking must be sober and clear and should not be swayed or controlled by any person, event, or thing. You should always be calm in My presence and always maintain a continuous closeness and fellowship with Me. You shall show unyielding courage and stand firm in your testimony to Me. Rise up and speak for My sake and fear not what other men say. Focus on satisfying My intentions and do not be controlled by others. What I reveal to you must be done in accordance with My intentions and cannot be delayed.

2 I am your support and your shield, and all is in My hands, so what are you afraid of? Isn’t that being over emotional? You must quickly cast aside the emotions; I do not consider emotions and I exercise righteousness. Have faith! Have faith! I am your almighty. This is something you might somewhat realize, but you still have to watch out. For the sake of the church, My will, and My management, you must be fully devoted, and all the mysteries and endings will be shown to you clearly. There will not be any further delay and the days are coming to an end. How can you seek to make your life mature faster? How will you quickly make yourself useful to Me? How will you make My will be carried out? To do so requires thorough pondering and deeper fellowship with Me. Rely on Me, believe in Me, never be careless, and be able to go about things in accordance with My guidance.

Adapted from “Chapter 9” of Utterances of Christ in the Beginning in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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