954 You Are Likely to Defy God When You Make Demands of Him

1 Nothing is harder to address than people’s demands of God. If nothing God does conforms to your thinking, and if He doesn’t act in accordance with your thinking, then you are likely to resist—which shows that, in nature, man opposes God. You must use the pursuit of the truth to know and resolve this problem. Those who are without the truth make many demands of God, whereas those who truly understand the truth have no demands; they feel only that they haven’t satisfied God enough, that they are not obedient enough.

2 That people always make demands of God when they believe in Him reflects their corrupt nature. If you don’t treat this as a serious problem, if you don’t treat it as something important, then there will be peril and hidden dangers on your path. You are able to overcome most things, but when your fate, prospects, and destination are involved, you are unable to overcome. At that time, if you are without the truth, you may well fall back upon your old ways, and will thus become one of those who are destroyed.

3 Many people have always followed thus; they have conducted themselves well during the time that they have followed, but this does not determine what will happen in the future: This is because you have never been aware of your Achilles’ heel, or the things that are revealed from your nature and can oppose God, and when they have yet to bring disaster upon you, you remain unknowing, and in all likelihood, when your journey ends and God’s work finishes, you will do that which most opposes God and is the most grievous blasphemy against Him.

Adapted from “People Make Too Many Demands of God” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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