95 The Love of God

1 Oh, Almighty God! You’ve come into this world from heaven. You follow the Father’s will to save man, donning the flesh, expressing the truth, and bringing judgment. You are righteous and majestic, and brook no human offense. To save mankind, You have suffered Your fill, without a word of complaint. Day after day, year after year, You endure so much rejection, slander, and persecution, and so many hardships. You express Your words to provide for Your chosen ones and to lead them; You instill truth and life in us. Oh, God! You give all Your love for mankind’s sake. You pay any price without regret and without complaint. Your love is so great, Your disposition honorable beyond compare. How could we not dance with joy and sing out praises of You?

2 Oh, Almighty God! You are so honorable, so good and beautiful! You walk among the churches, issuing utterances and words. Your words guide us through every single day, judging and cleansing our corrupt dispositions. Through trials and refinement, we see Your genuine love. Day after day, year after year, You endure our resistance, rebelliousness, misunderstandings, and complaints. With unflagging patience, You provide for our needs. We’ve gained the truth and had new life. Oh, God! Experiencing Your work, we have come to know Your love. Your disposition is righteous and holy, and it is so lovable. We’re willing to give our hearts over to You, to offer up all of ourselves. Our heart’s wish is always to love You and bear witness to You.

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