96 God Has Paid Such a Great Price

1 God has become flesh in the last days; He is humble and hidden among man. He expresses the truth to save man; He gives His utmost without complaint. His heart is kind, yet He is met with cold stares. He pays the price of His life, but who has welcomed Him with a smile? He has worried His heart to pieces to save man. Why do people not understand His heart?

2 God calls upon me with His words; He raises me up before His throne. When I am ignorant and lacking, God enlightens me; when I am sad and weak, God comforts me. When I am conceited, self-righteous, or rebellious, God’s judgment and chastisement discipline me. When I experience adversity and trials, God’s words guide me and lead me on. With God’s love, my life matures. I will offer up my whole being to repay God’s kindness.

3 God lives with us; He shares our adversity, sweetness and pain. His words judge and cleanse me; I cast off my corruption and am saved. God is to return to Zion; if only we could assemble for longer. I am full of sadness and reluctance; I don’t know when we will be reunited. I recall God’s grace, each scene of which is unforgettable. I deeply feel His approachability, worthiness of veneration, and loveliness. God’s great love is etched on my heart. Always, I follow Him unwaveringly. I shall love God and requite His love my whole life.

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