301 People Don’t Know God’s True Face

Verse 1

From the world’s creation to now,

man’s been corrupted as seen today.

So, God has been more concealed,

harder for them to understand.

Man has never seen God’s face,

nor interacted with Him.

Man’s idea of Him is in tales,

it simply comes from hearsay.

Bridge 1

So God, by notions of man,

tackles the “God” in their hearts

to change the state of “God”

that they have held many years.

Not a single person can know

this rule of His work in full.

Verse 2

Though men have bowed to worship God,

He does not enjoy such acts of men,

for in their hearts, they hold something

that is not the image of Him.

So men don’t know His true face

for their mind lacks His disposition.

So when they think they’ve offended Him

or His decrees, He turns a blind eye.

Bridge 2

And so, in men’s memories,

God is a God who shows mercy,

He never chastises men,

or He doesn’t mean what He says.

These are man’s imaginings.

They’re not in line with facts.


Men don’t know God’s true face,

for their mind lacks His disposition.

Adapted from “Chapter 14” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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