564 People Don’t Know God’s True Face

1 Ever since the creation of the world, throughout this process of Satan’s corruption of humans, it has been because of their corruption that I have become, from their point of view, more and more hidden and increasingly unfathomable. Humanity has never seen My true face and never directly interacted with Me. Only in hearsay and myth has there been a “Me” in the human imagination. I therefore accord with this human imagination—that is, with human misconceptions—to tackle the “Me” in people’s minds, that I might change the state of “Me” that they have harbored for so many years. This is the principle of My work. Not a single person has been able to know it through and through.

2 Although humans have prostrated themselves to Me and come before Me to worship Me, I do not enjoy such human acts, for in their hearts, people hold not My image, but an image other than Mine. Therefore, because they lack an understanding of my disposition, people do not at all recognize My true face. As a result, when they believe they have resisted Me or violated My administrative decrees, I still turn a blind eye—and therefore, in their memories, I am either a God who shows mercy to people rather than chastising them, or am the God Himself who does not mean what He says. These are all imaginings born of human thought, and they do not accord with the facts.

Adapted from “Chapter 14” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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