535 Those Who Don’t Pursue the Truth Will Regret It

Verse 1

Today you don’t believe God’s words, and you ignore them;

when one day the work is spread and you see its entirety,

you’ll regret and be speechless.

You don’t enjoy today’s blessings and you don’t pursue truth,

you bring shame upon yourself; there’s so much work and truth,

are they not worth you knowing?

Verse 2

Can’t God’s judgment and chastisement wake up your spirit?

Can’t God’s judgment and chastisement bring out self-hatred?

Would you live under Satan?

Living content with peace and joy and some fleshly comfort?

Are you not the lowliest of all human beings

if you merely live this way?


There are none more foolish

than those who’ve seen salvation

but who choose not to pursue it.

They gorge on the flesh and take pleasure from Satan.

Verse 3

You hope your faith in God won’t bring challenges or hardships.

You go chasing worthless things and give life no value,

putting your thoughts before truth.

Aren’t you the same as pigs and dogs? Aren’t you so worthless?

Are those who choose flesh over truth not just animals?

Aren’t the spiritless walking corpses?

Verse 4

Can you count the words God has said among you?

Has only just a little work been done among you?

How much has God given?

Why have you not gained all this? What’s to complain of?

Have you not gained nothing because you love flesh too much?

Because your thoughts are too excessive?


Is your failure not because you’re too stupid?

If you can’t obtain all of these blessings,

can you blame God for not saving you?

God’s shown you the true way yet you haven’t gained it.

Are you willing to continue the life of a pig?

What meaning is there in living like this?

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Experiences of Peter: His Knowledge of Chastisement and Judgment

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