534 Not Pursuing the Truth Ends Always in Tears and Gnashing Teeth

Verse 1

Only a handful of people pursue life;

many do not at all.

All are preoccupied with their futures,

not paying attention to life.

Some resist and rebel, judging God,

and do not practice truth.

They are ignored for now, but later

they will live in darkness, weeping.

Bridge 1

You do not realize how precious light is,

’till you feel remorse in the dark.

You fail to cherish the time you have,

for you don’t understand today’s work.

Many’ll weep in pain when

God’s work of universe starts,

when everything God says has finally come true.

In doing so, won’t they have fallen into the darkness

with weeping and gnashing of teeth?

Verse 2

All made complete pursuing life can be used,

while the unfit and rebellious fall into darkness,

understanding nothing, bereft of the Spirit’s work.

Plunged into punishment, they’ll sob.

If you’ve grown in life and are well-equipped in this phase,

you are fit to be used.

If you’re ill-equipped, even if summoned in the future,

you’ll be unfit for use.

Bridge 2

God will have left and your chances will be gone.

Even if you wish to equip yourself,

where could you find this chance again

or gain the exercise given by God?

By then, God won’t speak in person.

All you’ll read is what was spoken today.

How will understanding come easily then?

How could future life be better than today?

Won’t you suffer a living death then

as you weep and gnash your teeth?

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Inside Truth of the Work of Conquest (1)

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