786 Man Knows God Through Experiencing His Word

Verse 1

What God has and is, His essence, disposition,

all have been made known in His words to man.

When put into practice, man will know

their aim, source, and their intended effect.

These are all things man must experience,

grasp and attain to gain truth and life,

grasping God’s will, disposition changed,

able to obey God’s rule and arrangements.

Chorus 1

Step by step, man will come to understand God,

gaining different degrees of knowledge, knowledge about Him.

Verse 2

The process of truly understanding God

through appreciating, feeling, confirming His words

is true communion between man and God,

where man comprehends God’s intentions,

truly understanding what God has and is,

knowing His essence and disposition,

certain of God’s dominion over all,

clear on His identity and position.

Chorus 2

Man’s caring and obedience for God will grow,

his reverence becoming more and more real and profound.


In this communion, man will not just gain

the provision of truth and baptism of life,

but also gain true knowledge of God,

transformed and gaining salvation.

He will develop a true reverence

and worship of a created being towards God.

With this communion man will mature

and be gradually transformed.

Verse 3

Man’s faith will pass from vague belief

into genuine obedience, care and reverence.

Man will not follow God passively,

but he will take positive action.

Chorus 3

Only with this communion will man arrive

at true understanding and knowledge of God.

Adapted from “Knowing God Is the Path to Fearing God and Shunning Evil” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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