999 To Know God, You Must Know His Words

1 Knowing God must be done through reading and understanding God’s word. God’s word is an expression of God’s disposition. From God’s word you can see God’s love and salvation for mankind, and His method for saving them…. This is because God’s word is expressed by God Himself as opposed to using man to write it out. It is personally expressed by God—He is expressing His own words and His inner voice. Why is it said that they are heartfelt words? Because they are issued from deep down, expressing His disposition, His will, His thoughts, His love for mankind, His salvation of mankind, and His expectations of mankind….

2 Among God’s words are harsh words, gentle and considerate words, and there are some revelatory words that are not in line with human wishes. If you look only at the revelatory words, you will feel that God is quite stern. If you look only at the gentle words, you will feel that God does not have much authority. Therefore, you must not take this out of context, but look at it from every angle. Sometimes God speaks from a gentle and compassionate perspective, and people see God’s love for mankind; sometimes He speaks from a strict perspective, and people see God’s disposition that will tolerate no offense. Man is deplorably filthy and is not worthy of seeing God’s face or of coming before God. That people can now come before God is purely God’s grace.

3 God’s wisdom can be seen from the way He works and the meaning of His work. People can still see these things in God’s word even without directly contacting Him. When someone who has true understanding of God comes into contact with Christ, he’ll be able to match this up to his existing understanding of God, but when someone who has only theoretical understanding encounters God, he cannot see the correlation. The truth of the incarnation is the most profound mystery; it is difficult to fathom. Summarize God’s words on the mystery of the incarnation, look at them from all angles, then pray together, ponder, and fellowship on this aspect of truth more. Perhaps the Holy Spirit will enlighten you and give you understanding. Since man has no chance to come in contact with God, he must rely on this kind of experience to feel his way through and enter in a little bit at a time in order to achieve true understanding of God.

Adapted from “How to Know God Incarnate” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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