303 Following Christ Is Ordained by God

1 God has ordained that we follow Christ and go through trials and tribulations. If we truly love God, we should submit to His sovereignty and arrangements. To go through trials and tribulations is to be blessed by God, and God says that the rougher the path we walk, the more it can show our love. The path we walk today was preordained by God. To follow Christ of the last days is the greatest blessing of all.

2 I experience the judgment of God’s words and suffer the pains of trials and tribulations, yet I taste of the comfort in God’s words and have seen God’s love and blessings. I enjoy His presence and attain true joy and peace. With the support of God’s words, I have the confidence to stand firm in my testimony. In moments of danger, when I face death calmly, I see God’s hand. God is secretly always there with me. God’s words are my strength; they have kept me following unto today. Christ is so lovely; He is my God. God suffers so much for the sake of mankind’s salvation. Being human, I should live my life for God. To love God with my heart and testify to Him—that is the way I should go. In the pursuit of loving God, any hardship is more than worth bearing. In following Christ all the way, I’m face-to-face with God. Christ is the truth and the practical God. I will love God forever and forever testify to Him.

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