302 God’s Ways Cannot Be Fathomed

Verse 1

We see Your majesty towering above the heavens.

We’ll never come before You without reverence.

Who can know Your will, who can dare feel Your anger?

Who desires Your majesty, when will it come?

Pre-chorus 1

Here we lie, cradled in Your hands,

basking in Your love just like a mother’s,

though Your wrath makes us afraid.

Chorus 1

Oh, You’re the mother we adore, father we love and respect.

Our hearts hide from You, yet we dare not stray far.

And oh, in our hearts we feel You close, we feel You oh so near.

Unknowingly we sense You can’t be fathomed.

Oh, then we can only respect You from afar.

Oh, we can but simply respect You from afar.

Verse 2

Our hearts love You yet we still fear You,

what good are words?

How can human passions such feelings express?

All we can do is come with empty hands before You,

and beseech You simply, childlike and afraid.

Pre-chorus 2

You supply our every need, whatever it is.

Endless praise rises upwards from our glad hearts.

Chorus 2

Oh, selflessly You’ve given all, no demands, no complaints.

Rarely do we see Your face, yet we’ve gained Your all.

Oh, we ourselves have so many impurities in us,

yet You have long ago gained our whole being.

Oh, how can carnal eyes see facts accomplished from old,

oh, facts that You have accomplished from days of old?

Verse 3

Since old times, pole to pole,

all things are exposed in Your eyes.

We fall silent, no one dare to compare with You.

For all time Your word continues to flow endlessly.

And how vast Your riches, no one can say.

Pre-chorus 3

Who dares to extol Your fine beauty with easy words?

And who dares to sing lightly of Your meekness?

Chorus 3

Oh, one moment You’re far away from us, then in our midst,

far away, then leaning close, now far, now near.

Oh, none has ever seen Your footprints, or seen Your shadow.

Joyful memory is all that’s left to us.

Oh, sweet so sweet the taste that lingers on and on.

Oh, sweet the taste of Your presence that lingers on.

Verse 4

Timeless as heaven, earth,

who knows the compass of Your deeds?

We see but one grain on a sandy beach,

quietly wait at Your disposal.

Humble as an ant, how can we compare with You exalted high?

Chorus 4

Oh, Your refining us is rich, so rich with pity.

We see Your righteousness hidden in Your mercy, oh,

oh, righteousness concealed within Your holy majesty,

see it hidden in Your love and in Your deeds.

Oh, who can count Your deeds, too numerous by far.

Oh, who can count them, so many they are.

Oh, who can count Your deeds, too numerous by far.

Oh, who can count them, so very many they are.

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