143 Oh God, My Heart Will Forever Be Attached to You

1 You have expressed truths to save humanity; this is Your great love. Your words are all the truth and have conquered my heart. I am horribly corrupted by Satan, yet still You do Your utmost to bring me salvation, never abandoning me. Though there are times I fail and fall, and though sometimes I am weak, You always water me and provide for me, giving me the strength to stand firm. Your words guide me onto life’s path of light. Following You, my heart is full of peace and joy. Almighty God! My heart will forever be attached to You!

2 You lifted me out of the dust, elevating me to fulfill my duty. Yet I did not cherish this opportunity; I went through the motions and deceived You too much. You used Your words to judge and expose me, causing me to reflect and know myself. Though Your words pierced my heart, I embraced them completely. I understood Your kind intentions, and am full of remorse. I bow before You, and am willing to accept Your judgment and cleansing. I have experienced Your judgment and tasted of Your love. Almighty God! My heart will forever be attached to You!

3 You have undergone all hardships to save humankind; You have weathered the storm with us. When I was arrested and persecuted, Your words guided me through. You have accompanied me through hardship, Your words comforting my heart. I see the authority and power in Your words, and I praise You. You suffer along with us, and that is Your love, all the more! Through adversity and persecution, my love for You grows stronger. I swear to bear witness for You and bring shame to Satan. Almighty God! My heart will forever be attached to You!

4 It is Your words that have given me new life, allowing me to live anew. Your judgment cleanses me, changing my corrupt disposition. Your love and Your words are rooted deeply in my heart. No matter how rocky the road ahead, I know You are the truth and the life, and I resolve to follow You until the end. I will bear witness to Your deeds, no matter where or when. To be able to love You and bear witness to You is my greatest honor. Almighty God! My heart will forever be attached to You!

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