144 My Heartfelt Wish Is to Love God

1 Adrift in the boundless secular world, I never knew what the truth was. Only after reading Almighty God’s words did I discover the real meaning of life. The true light has come into the world: Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. Watered and nourished by God’s words, I have gained the way of eternal life. Practicing and experiencing them, my life gradually grows, and my heart cherishes the truth ever more; I live my life by His utterances. Christ is the practical God; I give thanks and praises to God. My heartfelt wish is to love God; I wish to love Him! Hallelujah!

2 God’s words have laid bare the true face and source of man’s profound corruption: Humans are arrogant, conceited, selfish, deceitful, and bereft of all conscience and sense. I want to pursue love and obedience unto God, yet I am ever rebellious and antagonistic toward Him; too much of what I expend for His sake is tainted, and all of it I do in exchange for the blessings of heaven. Seeing my corrupt, ugly countenance, I despise myself and feel remorse deep down. I wish to accept God’s judgment and purification, shed my corruption, and be pure in my love for Him. Christ is my beloved; He is worthy of man’s eternal love. My heartfelt wish is to love God; I wish to love Him! Hallelujah!

3 All of the truths expressed by God have shown me the light of human life. Through trials, pain, and refinement, I have come to revere and submit to God. His words have purified and saved me, extricated me from the dark forces of Satan, and wrought change in my life disposition, and I am finally able to be compatible with God. It is only by experiencing and practicing God’s words that I have become aware that the truth is life, and so precious; only by shedding my corruption and practicing the truth have I lived out a true human likeness. Christ is the practical God, and I shall forever love Him. My heartfelt wish is to love God; I wish to love Him! Hallelujah!

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