936 Fulfill Your Duty and You Will Stand Witness

1 Come before God no matter what happens to you—this is the correct thing to do. On the one hand you must reflect, and on the other you must not delay doing your duty. Don’t just always reflect on yourself and not do your duty. There are many times when the trials God gives to people are a burden. However heavy a burden God gives to you, you should shoulder such a heavy burden, for God understands you, and understands that you are capable of bearing these burdens. The burden God gives you will not exceed your stature or the maximum amount you can bear; you will certainly be able to carry it.

2 No matter what kind of burden God gives you, or what kind of trial He gives you, remember this: When praying, whether or not you come to understand God’s will, whether or not you obtain the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, and whether the trial is God disciplining you or giving you a warning, it doesn’t matter if you do not understand it. As long as you do not stop doing the duty you should do, and can hold on to it faithfully, in this way God will be satisfied and you will have stood witness.

Adapted from “Only Through Frequent Contemplation of the Truth Can You Have a Way Forward” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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