549 You Must Keep to Your Duty

1 If people don’t have any faith, it’s not easy to continue down this path. Everyone can see now that God’s work is not at all in line with people’s notions—no matter how much work He does or how much He speaks, it is completely out of line with human notions. This requires people to have faith and resolve to be able to stand by what they have already seen and what they have gained from their experiences. No matter what God does in people, they must uphold what they themselves possess, be sincere in front of God, and be devoted to Him to the very end. This is mankind’s duty. This is what people should do—they should uphold this.

2 Belief in God requires obedience of Him and experience of His work. God has done so much work—it could be said that for people it is all perfection, it’s all refinement, and even more, it’s all chastisement. There has not been a single step of God’s work that has been in line with human notions; what people have enjoyed is God’s harsh words. When God comes, people should enjoy His majesty and His wrath, but no matter how harsh His words are, He comes to save and perfect mankind. As creatures, people should fulfill the duties that they ought to, and stand witness for God in the midst of refinement. In every trial they should uphold the witness that they should bear, and bear a resounding witness for God. This is an overcomer.

Adapted from “You Should Maintain Your Devotion to God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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