58 Going Home

Verse 1

I used to think naively

that the world had all my dreams.

I’d win a brilliant life

through hard work and struggling.

But after many failures,

my ideas seemed absurd.

In this world filled with evil and schemes,

I lost my conscience, my reason.

Verse 2

I sought fame and sought fortune,

like an animal I lived.

The mercilessness of the world

and apathy pound my heart.

Folks fight and kill each other,

full of lies and violence.

No simple way to survive

without backing and schemes.


Even walking the right path

and having belief in God

will cause discrimination

and will cause imprisonment.

Chorus 1

I see clearly that this world

is filled with evil and dark.

I am helpless and I’m hurt.

I am filled with pain in my heart.

My direction can’t be found,

even though I’ve sought hard.

Where is the beautiful home

that I long for in my heart?

Verse 3

A familiar voice calls.

God’s kind words, they warm my heart.

I see it’s the Son of man

who speaks and on my door knocks.

By coming before God I see

church is the new heaven and earth.

People here are pure and good,

show others sincerity.

Verse 4

Here there’s fairness, righteousness.

God’s words, the truth, hold strong might.

They reveal life’s mysteries,

waken my heart, life becomes clear.

By being judged and learning truths,

I know good from evil.

Seeking fame or fortune no more,

I fight out of Satan’s net.

Chorus 2

Now honest, God blesses me.

My heart has peace; I’m at ease.

Thanks to the guidance of God,

I’ve stepped onto the right path.

God is so very lovely;

my heart yearns for Him greatly.

I’ll practice truth, do my duty,

and love God forever.


By coming before God I see

church is the new heaven and earth.

People here are pure and good,

show others sincerity.

Here there is fairness, righteousness.

I’ll obey and love God forever.

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