524 Has God’s Word Truly Become Your Life?


Man speaks of letting God be their life,

but they have yet to experience this.

Verse 1

They merely say that God is their life

and that He guides them every day,

that they read His words and pray each day,

and so He has become their life.

Their knowledge is so superficial.

Many people have no foundation;

God’s words have been planted within them,

but have yet to sprout, bear any fruit.

Chorus 1

When you’ve experienced to a point,

you couldn’t leave, even if you were made to.

You will always feel you can’t be

without having God inside of you.

Verse 2

Being without God is like losing your life.

You’re unable to live without God.

When you’ve experienced to this point,

your faith in God will have hit a mark.

In this way God will become your life

and the foundation of your being,

so that you will never again

be able to depart from God.

Chorus 2

At this point you’ll truly enjoy God’s love,

your bond with God grows even closer,

God will be your life and your love.

This is man’s true stature; it’s real life.


You must experience that God is your life,

such that if God were taken from your heart,

it then would be like losing your life;

God is your life and you can’t leave Him.

This way, you truly experience God.

At this time, when you love God again,

you’ll be able to love God truly.

It will be a singular, pure love.

Chorus 3

When experiences have reached a point,

when you pray or eat and drink God’s words,

your heart will be unable to leave God,

you won’t be able to forget Him.

Verse 3

God will have truly become your life.

You can forget the world, and spouses and kids;

but you’ll have trouble forgetting God.

This is your true life and love for God.

When man’s love for God reaches a point,

nothing compares to their love of God.

Thus they’re able to give up all things

and can accept all of God’s dealings.

Chorus 4

When you have been able to achieve

a love of God that surpasses all else,

then you will live in reality,

and you will live in God’s love for you.

Adapted from “Those Who Love God Will Forever Live Within His Light” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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