525 Seek to Be One Who Truly Worships God

1 Seeking to be people who sincerely worship God is the outlook we should have. No longer resisting God, no longer disgusting Him, no longer making God feel exasperated and constantly angry with us, comforting His heart, and becoming people who truly worship God as Abraham did—these comprise the outlook on life that we should have. With such an outlook and with this type of thinking rooted deep in your mind, and when you are seeking along these lines, you will be less tempted and allured by worldly wealth, status, and reputation.

2 When you put all your hard work and experience toward achieving this outlook, then without your realizing it, God’s words will become your internal mottos and the basis of your survival, His words will become your life, and within you, they will become your path in life. In that moment, all worldly things will no longer be important to you. Thus, the outlook on life one should have is to seek to be a person with truth and humanity, someone who has conscience and reason and worships God; that is, to be a true human—this is the most proper pursuit.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. The Path of Practice Toward Changing One’s Disposition

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