374 Have You Not Gained Much From God?

Verse 1

Though Job went through Jehovah’s trials,

he was just a righteous man worshiping Him.

Despite his trials, he did not complain

but treasured his time with God.

None cherish Jehovah’s presence now,

they reject, detest, complain about,

and mock His appearance.

Have you gained so little and suffered much?

Bridge 1

Aren’t you better off than Mary and James?

Has your resistance been so trivial?

Is what God’s asked and required of you

too much to take?

Verse 2

God’s wrath was for the rebellious Israelites,

it didn’t rain down upon you.

You’ve just gained His judgment and revelations,

and fiery refinement.

Still man resists and refutes God

without a shred of submission.

Some deny Him and keep a distance,

no better than those who opposed Moses.

Bridge 2

People’s hearts are hardened,

never changing their old ways.

So how can they know they’re so

much more fortunate than Job?

How can they know no one before

has enjoyed these blessings?

How can people’s consciences

sense the blessings with punishment?

Verse 3

God’s requirements are for you

to be models for His work,

witness His disposition and deeds,

and be freed from Satan’s afflictions.

Bridge 3

Yet people are hostile to

and repelled by God’s work.

How could they not incite God

to bring back the laws of Israel?

How could God not rain down the wrath

He brought upon Israel?

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. What Is Your Understanding of Blessings?

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