639 Have You Still Not Gained Much From God?

1 Although Job underwent the trials of Jehovah, he was merely a righteous man who worshiped Jehovah. Despite undergoing those trials, he did not complain about Jehovah, and he treasured his encounter with Him. Not only do the people of today not cherish Jehovah’s presence, but they reject, detest, complain about, and mock His appearance. Have you not gained more than a little? Has your suffering really been so great? Have you not been more fortunate than Mary and James? And has your resistance really been so trivial? Could it be that what I have required of you and what I have asked from you has been too great and too much?

2 My wrath was only unleashed upon those Israelites who resisted Me, not directly upon you; what you have gained has been merely My merciless judgment and revelations, as well as relentless fiery refinement. In spite of this, people continue to resist and refute Me, and they do so without a shred of submission. There are even some who distance themselves from Me and deny Me; such people are no better than the band of Korah and Dathan who opposed Moses. People’s hearts are too hardened, and their natures are too stubborn. They never change their old ways. How can people with such a disposition know that they have been a hundred times more fortunate than Job?

3 How can they realize that what they enjoy are blessings that have hardly been seen throughout the ages, and that no one has ever enjoyed before? How can people’s consciences sense such blessings, blessings that contain punishment? All I require of you is so that you can be models for My work, witnesses for My entire disposition and all of My actions, and so that you may be freed from the afflictions of Satan. Yet people are always repelled by My work and are intentionally hostile to it. How could such people not incite Me to bring back the laws of Israel, and to bring upon them the wrath I brought upon Israel?

Adapted from “What Is Your Understanding of Blessings?” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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