577 Are You Truly Worthy to Be One of God’s People?

1 I detest the corruption of the whole human race, but I feel compassion for their weakness. I am also dealing with the old nature of the whole human race. As one of My people in China, are you not also a part of the human race? Among all My people, and among all My sons, that is, among the ones that I have chosen out of the whole human race, you belong to the lowest group. For this reason, I have expended the largest amount of energy on you, the greatest amount of effort. Do you still not cherish the blessed life that you enjoy today? Are you still hardening your hearts to rebel against Me and set upon your own designs?

2 Were it not that I still have pity and love for you, the whole of humanity would long ago have fallen captive to Satan and turned into “delectable morsels” in its mouth. Today, in the midst of all humanity, those who genuinely expend themselves for Me and who genuinely love Me are still rare enough to be counted on the fingers of one hand. Could it be that today the title of “My people” has already become your personal property? Has your conscience simply grown ice-cold? Are you truly worthy to become the people that I require? Thinking back on the past, and looking again at today, which of you has satisfied My heart? Which of you has shown genuine solicitude for My intentions? Had I not prompted you, you would still not have awakened, but would have remained as if in a frozen state, and again, as if in a state of hibernation.

Adapted from “Chapter 13” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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