763 Those Who Are Disobedient to God Betray Him

1 Behavior that cannot absolutely obey Me is betrayal. Behavior that cannot be loyal to Me is betrayal. Cheating Me and using lies to deceive Me is betrayal. Being full of notions and spreading them everywhere is betrayal. Not protecting My testimonies and interests is betrayal. Faking a smile when one has left Me in their heart is betrayal. These behaviors are all things that you are always capable of, and they are also commonplace among you. None of you may think that’s a problem, but that’s not what I think. I cannot treat betraying Me as a trifling matter, and moreover I cannot ignore it. I am working among you now but you are still this way. If one day there is no one there to care about and watch over you, won’t you all become kings of the hill? By then, who will clean up the mess after you when you cause a huge catastrophe?

2 You might think that some acts of betrayal are just an occasional thing rather than persistent behavior, and should not be brought up in such a serious manner, causing you to lose face. If you really believe that, then you are lacking in sensibility. The more one thinks this way, the more they are a specimen and archetype of rebellion. Man’s nature is their life, it is a principle that they rely on in order to survive, and they are unable to change it. Just like the nature of betrayal—if you can do something to betray a relative or friend, this proves that it is part of your life and the nature that you were born with. This is something nobody can deny.

Adapted from “A Very Serious Problem: Betrayal (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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