377 The Outcome of Those Who Believe in God but Defy Him

Verse 1

Many have disobeyed God’s words

from creation until today,

thus been cast out

from His stream of recovery.

In the end their bodies perish,

their spirits are cast to hell,

punished greatly even today.

Verse 2

Many have followed God’s words,

but they have gone against His enlightenment,

thus kicked aside by Him.

They fall under Satan,

become those who oppose Him,

obeying just the surface, not the essence,

not the essence of His words.

Verse 3

Many merely listen

to God’s words of yesterday.

They hold to “junk” of the past,

don’t treasure “produce” of today.

They’re captured by Satan,

become eternal sinners,

God’s enemies that directly oppose Him.


They receive His judgment

at the height of His wrath.

They’re blind, in dark dungeons,

rotten corpses held, rotten corpses held by Satan!

Adapted from “Chapter 4” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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