991 How to Analyze Your Nature

1 Now, in order to know your nature, you must accomplish a few things. First, you must have a clear understanding of what you like. This does not refer to what you like to eat or wear; rather, it means the kinds of things you enjoy, envy or worship, the things you seek, and the things you pay attention to in your heart. In people’s natures, there is an overall characteristic of the things they like. That is, they like things and people that others are envious of due to outward appearances, they like things and people that look beautiful, and they like things and people that make others worship them due to appearances. The things that people are fond of are great, dazzling, gorgeous, and grand. People all worship these things. It can be seen that people do not possess any of the truth, nor do they have the likeness of genuine human beings. There is not the slightest degree of significance in worshiping these things.

2 Therefore, what you like, what you focus on, what you worship, what you envy, and what you think about in your heart every day are all representative of your nature. It is enough to prove that your nature is fond of unrighteousness, and in serious situations, your nature is evil and incurable. To analyze your nature, you should examine what you are fond of and what you forsake in your life. Perhaps you are temporarily good to someone, but this does not prove that you are fond of him or her. What you are truly fond of is precisely what is in your nature; even if your bones were broken, you would still enjoy it and could never forsake it. This is not easy to change. No one can change what people harbor deep within themselves. This is a matter of human nature, and it represents one’s essence.

Adapted from “What You Should Know About Transforming Your Disposition” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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