956 Knowing Your Own Thoughts and Perspectives Is Key

To know yourselves is to know what things there are in your thoughts and viewpoints that oppose God and are not at all compatible with the truth and do not possess the truth. For example, getting to know humans’ arrogance, self-righteousness, lies, and deception—these are the corrupt dispositions that are easy to recognize. In addition, everyone possesses arrogance and deceitfulness, though to varying degrees. However, people’s thoughts and viewpoints are not easy to know; they are not as easy as knowing people’s dispositions. These are deep-rooted things. Therefore, when you have achieved a little change in your behavior and outward conduct, there are still many aspects of your thinking, notions, viewpoints, and the education of traditional culture you have received that are against God and which you have not yet unearthed. Such things are the origin of your opposition to God.

Adapted from “Only by Knowing Your Misguided Views Can You Know Yourself” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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