563 The Basic Principles of Resolving One’s Nature


Resolving one’s nature starts with forsaking the flesh.

And this in its turn requires having principles.

Can you forsake the flesh if your head is in a daze?

When a problem arises, you’ll give in to the flesh.

Verse 1

Here is a crucial principle:

When encountering a problem,

you should bring it before God,

you should look to seek even more,

spending more time pondering it.

Verse 2

You must use the end of each day

to examine your actions and states.

Think of all the things you have done:

Which were in accord with the truth?

Which were against the principles?

Chorus 1

These two points are the most crucial:

The first point is to examine

the issue when it happens;

the second is to examine,

to reflect on yourself afterwards.

Verse 3

Now on to the third principle:

Be clear on practicing the truth,

as well as what is meant by

handling matters with principle.

Be clear on this and you’ll do things right.


So the first is to examine

the issue when it happens.

The second is to examine,

to reflect on yourself afterwards.

The third is to make sure you’re clear

what is meant by practicing truth

and what is referred to as

handling matters with principle.

Chorus 2

Stick to these three principles,

and you’ll exercise restraint,

your corrupt nature won’t be revealed.

These are the basic principles

for resolving human nature.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Part Three

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