963 Reflecting on Yourself This Way Is Key

1 About the key to self-reflection and knowing yourself is this: The more you feel that in certain areas you have done well or have done the right thing, and the more you think you can satisfy God’s will or are worthy of boasting in those areas, then the more it is worth it for you to know yourself in those areas and the more it is worth it for you to dig deep into them to see what impurities exist in you, as well as what things in you cannot satisfy God’s will. Let us take Paul as an example. Paul was especially knowledgeable, and he suffered a lot in his work of preaching. A lot of people especially adored him. As a result, after completing a lot of work, he assumed there would be a crown set aside for him. This caused him to go farther and farther down the wrong path, until finally he was punished by God.

2 Paul had not focused on seeking the truth in the words of the Lord Jesus; he had only believed in his own notions and imaginings. He had thought that as long as he did a few good things and exhibited good behavior, he would be praised and awarded by God. In the end, his own notions and imagination blinded his spirit and covered his true face. This story about Paul serves as a warning for everyone who believes in God, which is that whenever you feel you have done especially well, or believe that you are especially gifted in some respect and you do not need to change or need to be dealt with in some respect, you should strive to know yourselves better in that respect in order to see whether or not it actually contains anything that resists God.

3 Your every move, everything you do, the direction in which you are doing it, and what your goals are have, in fact, already been determined by your ideas and viewpoints. Some people have disguised themselves quite well, and it is not obvious that they are resisting God in any way. They do not even voice any resistance to God. However, the things that are deep-rooted in the human mind are loathed and hated by God. This is what God wants to expose and what we should understand. It is for this reason that God says that the more you feel you are doing well in a certain area, the more it is worth it for you to know yourself in that regard, and the more you should therefore seek the truth. Only then can you be purified and perfected by God.

Adapted from “Only by Knowing Your Misguided Views Can You Know Yourself” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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