160 How to Know the Practical God


What should you know about the practical God?

The true meaning is the Spirit, Person and Word.

Verse 1

Knowledge of the practical God

means knowing and living His words,

knowing rules and ways of the Spirit’s

work and His work in flesh,

knowing that all God’s actions in flesh

are governed by the Spirit,

and His words are the direct

expression of the Spirit.

Bridge 1

So to know the practical God,

you must know how God works

in humanity and divinity,

which concerns the Spirit’s expressions.

Verse 2

The Spirit’s expressions are twofold:

God works in humanity,

and He works in divinity.

But the Spirit’s always in command.

When human work’s required,

the Spirit directs this work.

And when divine work is required,

divinity appears to carry it out.

Bridge 2

Because God works in the flesh

and appears in the flesh,

He works both in humanity and divinity.

Verse 3

God’s appearance in the flesh

means all the Spirit’s work is done

through His normal humanity

and through His incarnate flesh.

In God incarnate you can see

His human and divine work.

This is the significance

of God appearing in flesh.

Bridge 3

The meaning of the practical God

is His human and divine work,

as directed by the Spirit,

are expressed through the flesh,

so that humankind

can see that God is vivid,

lifelike, real, and true.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. You Should Know That the Practical God Is God Himself

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