943 How to Treat God’s Commission

How you treat God’s commission is a very serious matter! If you cannot complete what God entrusts to you, then you are not fit to live in His presence and should be punished. It is Heaven’s law and earth’s principle for humans to complete what God entrusts to them; this is their highest responsibility, as important as their lives. If you do not take God’s commission seriously, then you are betraying God in the most grievous way; this is more lamentable than Judas and makes you deserve to be cursed. People must gain a thorough understanding of how to view what God entrusts to them and, at the very least, must comprehend that God commissions humanity: This is an exaltation and special favor from God, a most glorious thing. Everything else can be abandoned—even if one has to sacrifice his life, he must still fulfill God’s commission.

Adapted from “How to Know Man’s Nature” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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