147 Song of Heartfelt Attachment

There is One who is God incarnate. All He says and all He does are the truth. I love well His righteousness, His wisdom. To see Him, to obey Him, is truly a blessing. I’ve given my love to Him, and I am full of joy. To offer up my all and live for Him is my life. Being able to love Him and serve Him is truly an honor. God wills that we should preach and testify to Him. I think His thoughts and care for His cares. I am considerate of His heart. His approval and His satisfaction are what I yearn for. I will be a servant in the house of God and fulfill my duty. To bear witness to God and give glory to Him is truly to be blessed. His heart and His love have conquered me. I run after Him, searching no more. I testify to Him, and though I suffer, there is sweetness in my heart. I love Him and am faithful to Him, my beloved.

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