106 Gaining God’s Love Truly Brings Happiness

1 Christ of the last days has appeared in the world and brought the way of eternal life. Understanding the truth in God’s word, we now have direction in our lives. In my faith in the Lord, I could never escape from the bonds of sin, but now, after experiencing the judgment of God’s words, I have come to know myself. I have submitted to God’s trials and refinements, and my life disposition has undergone some changes. Purified by God’s judgment, I can see His true love. Now I am living out a human likeness, and finally gaining His salvation. Oh God, Your love is sincere and so beautiful. You have conquered my heart, and I have fallen deeply in love with You.

2 My heart is content and my spirit joyous, for God’s words inspire me; reading His utterances and fellowshiping on the truth, I am enlightened by the Holy Spirit. When I understand the truth and practice God’s words, there is a path in all things; I have left behind the forces of Satan, and my heart is set free. The truth has set me free, I finally live in the light, my heart is filled with joy, and I am so happy. God’s words have saved me and allowed me to live before Him; how I relish loyally performing my duty and repaying His love. All those who love God are the most blessed.

3 O Almighty God! It is You who have given me a life of happiness and enabled me to be rid of a life of corruption, depravity, and emptiness. In gaining the truth, I live before You as an honest person; how truly blessed I am to love You in my heart and live in reverence for You. How mighty is the grace of Your salvation; even eternity would not be long enough to tell of it all. Dear Almighty God! I shall forever love You; regardless of Your judgment and trials, of whether You give or take away, I shall obey and testify to You. My heart belongs to no one but You, and I shall forever love and praise You!

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