53 It Is Truly a Blessing to Come Back Before God

1 Before, I believed in the Lord in mere greedy pursuit of the grace and blessings of God. I lived amid religious ceremony, caught in the bondage of notions. Each day I sinned and confessed; I could not escape the shackles of sin. Without the guidance of God’s words, I lived in darkness, desolation, and pain. But I heard the voice of God, and was raised before His throne. Each day, I enjoy God’s words, and am enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Having understood the truth, there is light in my heart, and my notions and misunderstandings are dispelled. I attend the wedding feast of the Lamb—it is truly a blessing to eat, drink, and enjoy God’s words.

2 Brothers and sisters gather to eat, drink, and fellowship the words of God. I speak simply and openly of my corruption and shortcomings. You provide loving support, fellowshiping understanding from the experience of God’s words. We love one another—no distance between us, we’re the closest of friends in our lives. We live amid God’s love, and perform our duty with one heart and mind. There may be quarrels, but we put ourselves aside, and pray and seek together. Enlightened by the Holy Spirit, we understand the truth and our hearts are set free. It is truly a blessing to live before God, with His words to guide us.

3 The judgment of God’s words shows me the truth of my corruption. I see, clearly, that the root of man’s sin is his satanic nature. In God’s words, I find a path to change my disposition. I assess my outpourings of corruption against the words of God, and dissect and reflect on each one. After understanding the truth, I put it into practice, and my corruption is gradually cleansed. As I undergo trials, God’s words guide me, and I feel that He is so lovely. God’s judgment and chastisement have cleansed and saved us. I have tasted how profound God’s love is. It is truly a blessing to live before God.

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