101 If I Were Not Saved by God

If I were not saved by God, I would still be drifting in the world, struggling painfully in sin, without any hope in life. If I were not saved by God, I would still be trampled by devils, enjoying the pleasures of sin, not knowing the path of human life. Almighty God is merciful to me; the sound of His words beckons me. I hear God’s voice and have been lifted up before His throne. Each day I eat and drink the words of God, and I have understood many truths. I see the great depth of mankind’s corruption. We truly need God’s salvation. God’s truth purifies me and saves me. Time and again, I am judged and refined, and my life disposition has changed. Not until tasting God’s righteousness and holiness did I know His loveliness. My heart fears God and shuns evil, and I live out a bit of human likeness. I have seen God face-to-face; I have tasted His true love. Through God’s judgment and chastisement, I receive His salvation of the last days. I fulfill my duty faithfully, and my heart is happy and at peace. We live before God in mutual love, with His guidance and blessings. I practice the truth, obey God, and live out a true life. God’s work is real and alive. God is honorable and lovely. Seeing His dearness and loveliness, I want to devote my life to Him. I will pursue the truth and love Him forever; I will fulfill my duty to requite His love.

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