100 God’s Love Awaits

You have become flesh and You express the truth to save mankind.

All Your words are the truth, and they awaken the hearts of man.

Through years of wind and rain, day after day, night after night,

You’ve given Your own heart’s blood to save mankind.

You’ve endured too much of our rebellion and misunderstandings,

but still we have never understood Your heart.

We have not truly loved You, we feel the utmost regret.

Our immature stature leaves You sad and anxious.

Suffering all manner of pain, yet You are still concerned for us.

Your words judge and expose people, and they reveal Your love.

You bestow us with truth so it may become our lives, asking nothing in return.

How many years of keeping watch? How many years of waiting?

Merely to gain a group of people who truly love You.

Your kind intentions and Your sincere love

have brought my numbed heart back to life.

How could I ever be rebellious again? How could I ever become dispirited or regress again?

Your hoping and waiting have gone on too long already.

How could I bear to let You wait any longer, to hurt You more?

On this final stretch, I wish to follow close behind You, never stopping.

I’m willing to do all I can to pursue the truth, so that I may gain truth and life.

No matter how grave or great the persecution and tribulations, I am utterly resolved to follow You.

In this life, to be able to love You and be a good witness for You is my heart’s desire.

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