139 Oh God, Do You Know How I Long for You?

1 I long for You in my heart, awaiting Your return. I can’t see Your face, and my heart’s so full of worry. Such a long, dark night—when will I see the light? I anxiously wait to meet You again someday soon. Oh, God! Do You know I’m awaiting Your return? I beg You not to desert me—I cannot be without You!

2 I hear Your voice, and my heart rejoices. I attend the feast with You, and I savor Your words. I quietly resolve to offer up all I have. I spread and bear witness to Your words for the sole purpose of meeting Your will. Oh, God! May You be waiting for my love. I give all my heart and mind to satisfy You; I cannot be without You!

3 Undergoing Your judgment, there is pain and sadness. Though the flesh is weak, I have not forgotten You. I despise the flesh and hate Satan even more. I am happy to accept judgment, the sooner to be rid of corruption. I cannot accept dying without meeting Your heart’s desire. When I am able to see Your smile, I will feel so gratified!

4 The company of Your words gives me faith and strength. I’ll no longer be negative. I truly love You. I’ve suffered my fill of pain in trials, and my corruption has been cleansed. No matter how many difficulties I face, I will love and bear witness to You. I look forward to becoming a new person and gaining Your approval. I offer my pure love to You, and will never be apart from You!

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