273 Oh God, I Miss You

1 I silently, wordlessly long for You, I read Your words and feel greater remorse. My eyes brim with tears, hoping to be with You again soon. My hard heart has often hurt You, so many wrongs cannot be righted. My heart aches when I can’t see Your face, I wait for You spring, summer, fall and winter. Days and nights pass full of self-blame. Guilty tears stream down my face, I am full of remorse. I so long to undo past wrongs, I yearn to pour out my heart to You.

2 I am full of nostalgia for those happy days, I often think of Your face and Your smile. The sound of Your laughter rings in my ears; for as long as I live, I will never forget it. These long years have brought me suffering, my loneliness and wavering are unbearable. I dream of turning back time, I truly long to be with You. Where are You, my beloved? My heart burns to see Your face, to enter Your embrace. My heart will always be in harmony with Yours, creating a beautiful song of love.

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