167 With God’s Love, I’ve Nothing to Fear

1 The CCP persecutes and arrests Christians, doling out torture and torment, vainly hoping to stop us from following Christ’s footsteps. The evil police beat me, leaving me at death’s door with cuts and bruises all over my body, in a desperate attempt to annihilate both my flesh and my faith. They threatened and tempted me, trying to force me to sell out my brothers and sisters, plotting to make me betray God, become a Judas, and lose God’s salvation. While in these dire straits, God’s words were what echoed in my ears, allowing me to see through Satan’s cunning schemes and stand firm in my testimony. Though I had fallen into the demon’s lair, when I saw that God was by my side, I no longer felt lonely and negative, but instead gained strength and conviction.

2 After I completed my sentence and was released, the CCP continued to keep me under surveillance, restricting my personal freedom. It felt like being under house arrest. The police frequently inspected my home under some false pretext, asking me whether I still believed in God, attended gatherings, and spread the gospel. I often awoke in terror from nightmares. Recalling all the torture I endured fills me with dread and resentment. My heart cries aloud that China is truly such a devilish prison. People have no freedom and are forcibly brainwashed, with even their speech controlled. The claim that people there enjoy freedom of belief is simply a lie used by the CCP to deceive the world so as to build up a good reputation. The CCP’s evil nature is revealed by this undisguised slaughter. I am certain that Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. No matter how the CCP may persecute me, I am resolved to follow Christ until the end. Even if it means sacrificing my very life, I will be a resounding witness for God. I know not how long this interminable night will last, but with God’s love to guide me, and His words to encourage me, I’ve nothing to fear.

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