151 With God’s Love, I Shall Not Fear

1 Who persecutes and arrests Christians and doles out torture and torment, vainly hoping to stop us from following Christ’s footsteps? Who covers my body with cuts and bruises and leaves me gasping at death’s door, trying so desperately to annihilate both my flesh and my faith? And who threatens me and tries to bribe me to sell out my brothers and sisters, attempting to make me betray God, become a Judas and lose God’s salvation? In dire straits, God’s kind words echo in my ears. They soothe the hurt in my spirit and in my flesh. I see God beside me, always giving me comfort and encouragement. My heart is no longer alone, I have the faith and strength to stand witness.

2 Who arranges informers to secretly monitor my whereabouts, restricting my personal freedom so that I’m practically under house arrest? Who comes often to my home, pretending to be just visiting but watching my every move, bringing voice recorders and interrogating me about attending gatherings and reading God’s words? And who makes me start from sleep in terror, with the scenes of my torture playing over and over in my mind? My heart cries aloud that China is truly a devilish prison. No freedom, forcibly brainwashed, with even our speech under their control. Claiming freedom of belief is simply a lie used by the CCP to cover its deception of the world. Undisguised slaughter exposes the CCP’s evil nature.

I am certain that Christ is the truth, the way and the life. No matter how the CCP may persecute me, I am resolved to follow Christ till the end. Even if it means giving my very life, I will be a resounding witness for God. I don’t know how long this interminable night will last, but with God’s love to guide me and God’s word to encourage me, I shall not fear.

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