746 Job’s Righteous Deeds Defeated Satan


When Job first went through his trials,

he lost his children and all he had,

but he did not fall or say sinful things against God.

Verse 1

He’d overcome Satan’s temptations,

he obeyed while God took from him,

and he offered thanks and praise to God

because of what God did.

Such was Job’s testimony

during the first trial of God.

Verse 2

In the next trial, Satan plagued Job.

Though Job suffered as never before,

he used his strength, faith, obedience

and his fear of God to beat Satan once again.

God approved his testimony.


Job’s righteous deeds let him overcome Satan.

Verse 3

These two trials made Job’s life richer.

He became more seasoned and mature,

his strength and his faith grew even greater.

He became more sure that the integrity he held

was right and also worthy.

Verse 4

God’s trials gave Job understanding

and a sense of God’s concern for man.

They let him sense how precious God’s love is,

thus concern for God and also love for Him

were added to his reverence.


The trials of Jehovah God did not drive Job away,

but brought him closer to God’s heart.


Job’s righteous deeds let him overcome Satan.

Verse 5

When Job’s pain was at its highest,

the care he felt from God Jehovah

forced him to curse the day he was born.

This was not long-planned,

but it naturally revealed

his heart’s love and care for God.


This was a natural revelation

born of his consideration

and his love for God.

That is, because he loathed himself

and could not stand to torment God,

thus his love and consideration

reached the point of selflessness.


Job’s righteous deeds let him overcome Satan.

Verse 6

Job stood fast in his witness,

his deeds also made him perfect.

His life’s value was elevated,

more transcendent than ever,

and they made him the first human

to be tempted by Satan no more.

Verse 7

Because of Job’s righteousness,

Satan accused and tempted him,

he was handed over to it,

he beat it, stood firm in witness.

He became the first who’d never

be given to Satan again.


Job truly came before God’s throne

and lived in the light,

under God’s blessings,

free of Satan’s spying and ruin.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself II

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