745 Job’s Testimony Defeated Satan

Verse 1

When Job first underwent his trials,

all he owned and all his children

were taken away from him,

but it did not make him fall

or say a word in sin against God.

Verse 2

He’d overcome Satan’s temptations.

He’d overcome losing his children

and losing his possessions,

which means that he obeyed God

as God took things away from him.

Bridge 1

Job obeyed and thanked God,

he gave praise to God for all God did.

This was Job’s behavior,

his testimony through God’s first trial.

Verse 3

When Job went through his second trial,

Satan reached out to afflict Job.

Job felt the greatest pain he’d known,

and still his testimony

would leave people astounded.

Verse 4

He used his strength and conviction,

his obedience and fear of God

to defeat Satan yet once more.

His conduct and his witness

once again won God’s approval.

Bridge 2

And throughout this trial,

Job used his conduct to tell Satan:

Pain of flesh could never change

his faith and obedience to God.

Verse 5

Pain couldn’t kill his devotion,

his obedience and fear of God.

He would never renounce God

or give up his perfection

or his virtue as he faced death.

Verse 6

All of Job’s determination

made a coward out of Satan.

His faith left Satan trembling.

The intensity he fought with

left Satan with a deep hatred.

Verse 7

Job’s perfection and uprightness

left Satan helpless against him.

Satan gave up on its attacks

and all its accusations

that it had laid in front of God, in front of God.

Bridge 3

Job overcame the world,

he overcame the flesh,

he overcame Satan,

he overcame death.

He completely belonged to God,

he completely belonged to God.


Through these trials, Job stood witness,

truly lived out his perfection

and lived out his uprightness,

broadened his living principles

of fearing God, shunning evil.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself II

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