965 Do You Truly Know God’s Righteous Disposition?

1 God determines people’s outcome based on a principle: Ultimately people’s outcome will be determined according to their personal performance and behavior. Many people don’t focus on understanding the will of God; they think that everyone who is predestined by God will inevitably be saved and they think that everyone who is not predestined by God will not be saved even if they do things better. They think that God will not determine people’s outcome based on their performance and behavior. If you think this way, then you greatly misunderstand God. If God really did this, then would God be righteous?

2 You cannot see God’s righteous disposition, and you always misunderstand God and distort His intentions; this causes you to be constantly pessimistic and disappointed. Is this not self-inflicted? In fact, do you really understand, and are you sure of God’s intentions? You have always used “God’s predestination” to delimit and deny God’s words. This is a serious misapprehension of God! You do not understand God’s work at all, nor do you understand His will or how much thought He has put into everything. You misunderstand God’s intentions and you do not believe what He says. How, then, can you fulfill your duty properly to satisfy God’s will?

3 Many people have never focused on putting the truth into practice or transforming their dispositions. They only pay attention to going around, asking about whether they will be able to obtain a good destination, how God will treat them, whether He has predestined for them to be His people, and other hearsay matters. How can these people, who are not engaged in proper work, obtain eternal life? Now God solemnly tells you: Predestined people who do not put the truth into practice will ultimately be eliminated, and only those who sincerely expend themselves for God and do their best to put the truth into practice will be able to survive and enter into God’s kingdom.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Part Three

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