1001 Everything God Does Is Righteous

1 Knowledge of God is not saying what God is like based on a human view of things; there is no truth in the way humans view things. You must see what the essence of God is, as well as what the disposition of God is. People should not see the essence of God based on any external phenomena resulting from what God has done or dealt with. God’s disposition is righteous; He treats everyone equally. This does not mean that the righteous person does not need to undergo trials or that the righteous person needs to be protected. It is not like this. God has the right to put you to trial. This is an expression of His righteous disposition. God will do what He wants, and God also has the right not to do it this way. He has a right to handle these things on His own; His own disposition is righteous.

2 Righteousness is by no means fair or reasonable; it is not egalitarianism or a matter of allocating to you what you deserve according to how much work you have completed, or paying you for whatever work you have done, or giving you your due according to what effort you expend. This is not righteousness. Suppose God had eliminated Job after Job bore witness for Him: God would have been righteous then, too. Why is this called righteousness? If something matches people’s notions, it is much easier for them to say God is righteous; however, if they do not see it as matching their notions—if it is something that they are unable to understand—then it would be very strenuous for them to say that God is righteous. God’s essence is righteousness. Though it is not easy to understand what God does, all that He does is righteous; it is simply that people do not understand.

3 When God gave Peter to Satan, how did Peter respond? “Mankind is unable to fathom what You do, but all of what You do contains Your good will; there is righteousness in all of it. How can I not utter praise for Your wise deeds?” Everything that God does is righteous. Though it might be unfathomable to you, you should not make judgment as you please. If something He does appears to you as unreasonable, or if you have any notions about it, and then you say that He is not righteous, then you are being most unreasonable. Peter found some things incomprehensible, yet he was sure that God’s wisdom was present and that God’s good will was in them. Humans are unable to fathom everything; there are so many things they cannot grasp. To know God’s disposition really is not easy.

Adapted from “How to Understand the Righteous Disposition of God” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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