104 I Live in the Presence of God

1 I am quiet in God’s presence every day, contemplating and pondering His words. Examining myself, I see that many corruptions still flow out of my thoughts and speech. I often show off in my speech and actions to get others to look up to me. I always seek to prevail over others, I am self-righteous and arrogant, and I do not live out the likeness of a human being. Faced with the judgment and exposure of God’s words, I feel deeply ashamed. I may appear to behave well, but my disposition has not changed. I have no reality but am still so arrogant, which God has long detested about me. I hate that I have been corrupted so deeply, and I wish to accept God’s judgment.

2 I am quiet in God’s presence and seek His will in all things. I commune with God in His words, I understand the truth and my heart is aglow. That I harbor misconceptions when I encounter people, events and things shows that I have no reality. I always complain, profess my innocence, and try to explain it away, and I am not obedient in the slightest. With an understanding of the truth, I see that God’s work to cleanse man is so real. Whatever is more at odds with people’s notions, the more truth there is to seek therein. To experience God’s word and enter reality is truly to be face-to-face with God. I experience God’s love, no longer confused or constrained.

3 I live in God’s presence and accept His scrutiny at all times. One after another, my thoughts and actions accept the judgment and cleansing of God’s word. When I see how righteous and holy God’s disposition is, my heart fills with reverence. I am protected by God and will offend Him no more, and my spirit is at peace. I quiet myself often in God’s presence, and my heart fears God and shuns evil. I practice God’s word and conduct myself according to the truth, and I love and obey God. God’s word guides me, and I embark on the right track of belief in God. Having gained the truth, my corruption is cleansed, and I praise God in my heart.

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