103 Praise the New Life


Hallelujah! Almighty God!

We thank You and praise You!

Hallelujah! Almighty God!

We forever worship You!

Verse 1

Christ has appeared in the last days,

His words judge, cleanse and change us,

leading us on the right path;

I live a new life of loving God.

Verse 2

It’s wonderful to understand the truth,

corrupt no more, I am set free.

My wrong conceptions all are gone,

and rebellion is no longer in me.

Bridge 1

No longer to wander,

no longer to suffer.

My spirit has been set free,

and I sing in praise of God.

I sing in praise of God.

Verse 3

God’s words are truth, so precious,

cleansing our corrupt dispositions.

We attend the feast, tasting God’s love.

I will love God forever.

Verse 4

Brothers, sisters join together,

side by side, together as one.

With one heart and one mind,

we serve Him and sing His praises.

Bridge 2

Who could not voice his heart?

Who could not voice his love?

You dance and give praise to God,

I clap my hands beside you,

I clap my hands beside you.

Verse 5

Our songs are full of love for God,

by Almighty God we are renewed.

Our decadent life is gone,

it’s a joy to live before God.

Verse 6

Practicing truth sets us free;

fulfill our duties and bring God glory.

His people enjoy new life,

we love God and live in the light.

Bridge 3

We’ve broken the bonds of the world,

we’ve broken the bonds of family,

we’ve broken the bonds of the flesh.

How sweet it is to love each other!

How sweet it is to love each other!

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