1020 Those With Dispositional Change Can Live Like a Human

1 Those who have a change in disposition truly live out the likeness of a human, and they possess truth. They are always able to speak and see things in accordance with the truth, and they are principled in everything they do; they are not subject to the influence of any person, matter, or thing. Their dispositions are relatively stable, they do not blow hot and cold, and no matter what their situation, they understand how to do their duty properly and how to do things to satisfy God. Those whose dispositions have changed are not focused on what to do to make themselves look good on a superficial level—they have internal clarity on what to do to satisfy God. Therefore, from the outside they may not seem so enthusiastic or like they have done anything very great, but everything they do is meaningful, is valuable, and has practical results.

2 Those whose dispositions have changed are certain to possess a lot of truth—this can be confirmed by their perspectives on things and their principles in their actions. The most key thing in dispositional change is that people’s inner life has changed. The truth expressed by God becomes their very life, the satanic poisons within have been eliminated, their perspective has completely changed, and none of it is in line with that of the world. They see the schemes and poisons of the great red dragon clearly; they have grasped the true essence of life. So their life values have changed—this is the most fundamental change and the essence of a change in disposition.

3 Those who have a change in disposition feel that people should live in order to satisfy God, to perform their duty well, and to live a life of meaning so that even when they die, they will feel content and won’t have the slightest regret—they will not have lived in vain. That people are able to worship, obey and satisfy God is the foundation of being human and this is their bounden duty in accord with the unalterable principles of Heaven and earth. Otherwise, they would not be worthy of being called human. The main cause of a change in one’s life disposition is having truth within, and having knowledge of God; one’s outlook on life is changed, and values are different from before. The change starts from within, and from one’s life; it is surely not just an external change.

Adapted from “The Difference Between External Changes and Changes in Disposition” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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