715 This Is the Likeness of a Real Person

1 One who believes in God must read many of His words before they can understand the truth; only by understanding the truth can one know themselves and identify and see clearly what corrupt dispositions they have. To practice the truth and live before God, one must betray their flesh and wage war against their preferences, their desires, and their satanic dispositions. If people truly loathe their satanic dispositions and genuinely hate the preferences of the flesh, then they can consciously practice according to the truth, and their actions will be principled, with a scope and limits; these are the effects achieved by understanding the truth. If people do not understand the truth, they will always be ruled and bound by the flesh, without a way forward.

2 If there comes a day in one’s experience when their outlook on life and the significance and the basis of their existence have changed entirely, when they have been altered to their very bones, and have become someone else—what a wonderful thing it would be! This would be a great change, an earth-shattering change. Only when you are uninterested in the fame and fortune, status, money, pleasure, and luxuries of the world, and can easily forgo them, will you have the likeness of a human being. Those who will ultimately be made complete are such a group of people; they live for the truth, live for God, and live for that which is just. This is the likeness of a true human being.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Part Three

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