241 I Finally Live Out a Human Likeness

1 Steeped in the world’s influence, I lived a life of falseness and pretense. I was so careful and cautious with others, I never lightly spoke a true word. I acted by life philosophies, being underhanded while believing myself noble. I gratified my vanity but couldn’t conceal the terror in my heart. God’s words judge and expose mankind’s satanic nature. Like waking from a dream, I knew that I was not living like a human being. Lying, crookedness and deception became my very life. Without an honest, good heart, what dignity or integrity is there? Deceitful people are devils who must be weeded out and cast aside by God. I hate that I’m lacking humanity, I resolve to make myself anew.

2 God is faithful and righteous in essence and He scrutinizes all. Man’s deceit cannot escape the eyes of God, it will ultimately be exposed. Honest people love the truth and have God’s blessings and protection. Understanding the truth, I tear off my disguise and am willing to be an honest person. Simply and openly, I dissect myself and lay myself bare, and I’m not afraid of being laughed at. I am fair in my speech, not relying on emotions and without the adulteration of motives. I have no deception before God and I give my heart over to Him. I perform my duty loyally, not asking for anything in return, only to satisfy God. It feels good to practice the truth and my heart is at ease. There is no longer anything holding me back from being an honest person and performing my duty. I fear God and shun evil, and I live out a human likeness. Thanks be to the judgment and chastisement of God for saving me.

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