237 I Am Always Thinking About How Lovable God Is

1 Oh God! You have humbly hidden Yourself in the flesh, suffering man’s condemnation and slander and enduring all manner of humiliation. Despite this, You continue to express the truth to save humankind, pouring out Your heart’s blood to give all Your love to man. Your words are all the truth and the life; they cleanse and change us every single day. By experiencing them, we see so much of Your love. Oh God! I am always thinking about how lovable You are.

2 Having undergone Your judgment, I’ve now tasted of Your love. Every word of Your judgment is like a sharp sword that cuts open my nature, leaving me nowhere to hide; I have finally seen that I am filled with satanic dispositions. Through Your judgment, I see that You are holy and righteous. I am corrupted so deeply that I don’t deserve to see Your face. I fall to the ground before You, willing to receive Your judgment. Oh God! I am always thinking about how lovable You are.

3 It is Your judgment that has saved me; the harshness of Your words may hide Your earnest intentions, but in holding onto my notions, I have not submitted in the slightest. I have even abandoned myself to despair, misunderstanding and complaining against You. Your words have comforted and encouraged me time after time, allowing me to climb back up from negativity and weakness. I’ve now seen how benevolent and beautiful Your disposition is. Oh God! I am always thinking about how lovable You are.

4 Your words guide me through all adversity. Being arrested by those demons is a daily threat; it is You who helps me wipe away my tears of sadness, making these painful nights no longer so interminable. With Your love as my companion, my confidence grows stronger. Through trials and refinement, I have died and been reborn; now, I have understood the truth and cast off Satan’s influence. Oh God! I am always thinking about how lovable You are. I will love You forever, and always be by Your side.

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