235 I’ve Seen How Precious the Truth Is

1 After a few years of faith I understood some spiritual doctrine. I thought I understood the truth and gained its reality. I performed a bit of my duty and always made a show of myself. I wholeheartedly pursued name and status, always comparing myself with others. Though I’ve suffered and expended myself in work, it was all for others’ high regard. I’ve worked hard through humiliation but only for face and status, yet thought I was being faithful to God. I appear humble and patient, but my nature is so arrogant and self-righteous. Now that I’ve gone through God’s judgment and chastisement I’ve finally been jolted awake. Through all these years of faith my life disposition hasn’t changed, I still belong to Satan.

2 Through trials and refinement, I’m revealed as being too rebellious. I’m as lowly as an ant, I still throw everything into seeking status and name. I often strive for others’ admiration for my enjoyment. I always want to be a leader so I can rule over God’s chosen people, I really have no reason. God’s words judge mankind’s corruption and evil and reveal His righteousness. God reveals the truth of mankind’s corruption, holding nothing back. Only then do I realize that I’m filled with satanic dispositions, and I’m arrogant and conceited, that I don’t have any reality of the truth and bear no resemblance to a human being. I’m so fortunate that God’s judgment has brought me cleansing and salvation, I’ve seen how real God’s love is.

3 By experiencing God’s words I have finally understood His will. The judgment, trials, and refinement of God’s words are all to purify mankind. All the truths that God expresses are His gift of life to mankind. Gaining the illumination and judgment of God’s words, I loathe my own corruption that much more. I’ve seen how precious the truth really is, it can purify and perfect people. Only by accepting the truth can I rid myself of Satan’s corruption. No matter how great my suffering or refinement, I will follow Christ till the very end. No matter how great my suffering, I will fulfill my duty to glorify God to my very last gasp. Only God’s love is so real, I will always thank and praise God from my heart.

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